What makes a great website?


Steve Holmes

These days a website is your client’s first impression!

In fact 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work, places where desktop computers are likely to be present. So a mobile responsive website is no longer a nice to have it is rather essential.

Check out this new website that SHMarketing&Design has just very proudly handed over to the following special business:



So, what makes a great website?

  1. Your site must be mobile responsive
  2. Conveying who you are is critical
  3. It’s not about what you know or your qualifications
  4. 98% of new traffic to an adviser’s website goes to ABOUT US, try to make this section ABOUT THEM (i.e your client).
  5. Video can turn the average website visit of 4-10 secs into 5mins
  6. A quality news page and fresh content by Feedsy will drive client interest to you


Did you know that when you search for a website on a mobile device and if it’s not mobile friendly it will be harder to find right now?

Google made the announcement back in February and it took effect on April 21 so it could be effecting your business today. This decision has had a significant impact on search results.


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