Why Exterior Painting Should be First on Your Spring To-Do List

Painting in Spring

Source: Debbie Zimmer


As the springtime weather shifts from messy to mild, every homeowner’s attention turns to the out of doors. It’s time to clean things up, tend to the garden, and make needed repairs to both the home and its surroundings. Where to start? Assuming that your exterior paint is failing, it’s best to focus on that first. And, there are plenty of good reasons to start spring chores with exterior painting. So, why wait? Here are some reasons below to get started on your exterior painting !

Why now?

First, spring is a very comfortable time to do outdoor painting.

Second, it’s smart to paint before putting down mulch, which along with your plants, will just get trampled if you paint later on.

Third, why not get your painting done before more pleasant ‘distractions’ like gardening, sports, and barbecues begin?

If your house paint is near the end of its life expectancy, you’re taking a chance by postponing repainting. It doesn’t take long for exposed wood to begin to rot, and other types of exteriors also suffer when the paint wears off. Wait too long and you may have to make repairs before starting to paint.

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